Armelea | Exterior views

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Armelea is an all Italian yacht, built in 1969 by the Valdettaro shipyard in Le Grazie, a fraction of PortoVenere, designed by the architect Franco Anselmi Boretti: she is an elegant, streamlined motorsailer, with a Bermuda Ketch rig, 23 metres long and 5.8 metres beam with a displacement of 47 tons and a sail area of 385 sq.m.

She is a powerful boat, sturdy and marine, able to sail everywhere and under the most difficult weather and sea conditions, and can also enter the most beautiful bays in complete safety, thanks to her keel design and shallow draught.
Armelea has been sailing for over forty years in a perfect condition and is recognised everywhere because of her black hull, beautiful woodwork and the beauty that transpires from every little detail.
She has sailed from the Balearics to the Greek islands, in the Red Sea and the Atlantic. She has taken part in the most important gatherings of classic boats and has always been admired by everyone.
The boat has amazingly welcoming outside areas, with space for more than twenty people: the beauty of the wood, the brass and steel, the spaciousness of the sun deck, the large tables, cushions and seats, all create a perfect environment for sea lovers.
The extraordinary structure, the design, the quality of the materials and the building technique, together with correct maintenance, make Armelea an immortal boat.